Online Payment Services

E-Commerce is the FASTEST GROWING payment technology in the world. 2010's figures as a whole saw £58.8 billion in ecommerce spending, an 18%rise on the previous 12 months! Integrating an online payments facility to your website is easy and can become a key driver of growth and revenue. With 1.4billion people in the UK expected to have access to broadband by 2015, now is the time to develop your online presence – unaffected by weather, transport, location or staff, an online store provides a reliable 24/7 source of income.

What are the benefits?
  • Minimum resources – no staff required
  • 24/7 Global Shopping – no time restrictions
  • Customised – your own brand, look and feel
  • Cost Effective – starts from as little as £20pm
  • Automated Batching
  • Comprehensive Reporting
In order to start accepting either Virtual or Online payments, you will need to sign up with a PSP Vendor who can provide the gateway security and encryption services required. There are a large choice of providers, but we would highly recommend a few in particular.
*New Vision Telecom is a Premier Introducers of Merchant Services, a service offered by Decimal Factor Limited.
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